May 25, 2009

Oh what fun.

What a yummy weekend on all fronts. TH and I painted this town RED. And ate ourselves silly.

Friday night: Malaysian Grill take out on my roof (by candlelight) and IMAX night and the museum 2. Funny, good clean fun!

Saturday: Brooklyn

Coney Island: cyclone twice

games, photo booth, walk through russian brighton beach, and side show. Side show had guy nailing nail into head, sword swallower, fire breather, etc. Crazy, fun, weird carnie freak show. Totally worth it.
Then we went to brooklyn museum

walked along prospect park, then subway back to DiFara's, where I had literally the best pizza of my life. Best pizza of my life. This 70-something year old man has been making pizza by hand, laying the pepperoni's one at a time for years and years. He's a master.
It's a bit of a hike out to midwood in brooklyn, and then about an hour and a half wait, but totally worth it. And we ran into one of TH's old friends from utah. Funny, small world.

After pizza, off to red hook, to Jalopy - a fun fun jazz club. We saw Baby Soda Jazz band - this 30s, toe-tapping jazz band, SO much fun. TH lifted me up for a dance and spun me around so many times. I love twirling.
Then to Jamba juice for a jamba nightcap before we headed home to SLEEP after a long day.

Sunday: museum day.

Frick museum - an amazing collection of one man (Frick) who had a huge mansion in new york and much of the european art is still in the same place in his home. Abso beautiful and worth checking out next time you're in nyc.
Then church for a quick hour.
Over to MOMA, but not before we stumbled upon the waffle truck, where we got a waffelini. This is a mini belgian waffle on a shishkabob stick, with banana slice and strawberry on both ends. Sprinkled with powdered sugar. Oh my.
Lots of lovelies at the MOMA. We liked the Sol LeWitt installation. He's a brilliant artist.
After MOMA, to the Burger Joint - awesome burgers, fries and milkshakes inside a fancy hotel, Le Parker Meredian. You can write on the walls at The Burger Joint. So I did.

Walk through central park, then home to watch movies and rest.

Brunch in west village - The Little Owl. Shared poached eggs and pancakes with berries.
Shopping in SOHO - Anthropologie and Uniqlo
Home to cuddle before TH left for the last time!
Dinner at Maoz (delish falafel) and cookies at LEVAINS bakery! Home of the three inch tall cookie. Oh yum.

TH to train. Gnomie sad. Goodbye, see you in 4 days when I MOVE to DC, my love!

But how sad, to leave this wonderful city.

After he left, I met up with friends in Morningside Park for a bbq (ate potato salad and the rest of levains cookie with jess!), then on the way home - teary moment. Every memorial day, the St. John the Divine cathedral has a symphony concert by the new york philharmonic. Last year, my second day in new york, I was walking by and heard the music, sat down in a park where it is broadcasted, and enjoyed the new york moment. Same thing happened today, and it caused me to reflect on all that happened over the past year, to the music of Barber and others.

Seriously. This city.

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JD said...

sounds like you're living it up. enjoy

i commend you for your bravery for not only going to coney island, but for going on a ride. that place creeps me out.