May 27, 2009


Visited the Cloisters and the Met yesterday. Then a walk down 5th avenue to Barney's. Oh, hello new black pants that I love and sexy new blue dress. I cannot wait to wear you. Then a trip to west village to eat at Surya's (indian food) and closed out the night with Duplex, a gay-friendly piano bar. We were a hit. I sang two songs, and had everyone in tears. Home around 3am.

I LOVE the cloisters. I can't believe I waited so long to go. Plus its free for Columbia students. There are beautiful gardens and paths there, and a fab view of the washington bridge. I also forgot how big the met is. I got lost several times, which was fine with me, because I got lost in the period furniture rooms, where they showed Louis XIV desk, a bed that was about 4 feet high, and drapery and furnishings plastered in gold and fine fabrics. I was in heaven.

I'm closing out the year in new york quite nicely if you ask me.


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Megan Andrea said...

oh hi. remmebr when you asked me some questions and i never responded? i am so so sorry. no excuses! please dont be mad because i sure like you and your blog and your facebook and i want to hear more about the job and a trip to seattle?? yes please.