May 4, 2009

weekends in new york.

There are only but a few left. This past weekend was a great one. TH came up and for the first time since like Christmas, we had a weekend free of pressure from work and school. It was so so so nice.

Friday: shopping in soho. bought a graduation dress. arepas at caracas in lower east side. dessert at the most delicious and highly recommended momofuku milk bar (we shared a banana and blueberry cream cookie and an old-fashioned donut flavored ice cream).

Saturday: run through central park in the rain - ran by the castle, the alice in wonderland statue, the reservoir, and sprinted down central park west. bagel sandwich share at Absolute Bagel - brie and tomato on everything bagel and lox and cream cheese on everything bagel. drool. subway to bronx zoo - baby lion cub, lemur's, giraffes, bears, bison, seals, monkeys, etc. the bronx zoo is so cool and all the animals were out because it was such a beautiful day! we walked through the scariest parts of the bronx to get to Little Italy for dinner. delicious italian food at Roberto's and desserts were canoli's, cookies, and tarts. home to watch 30 rock on TH's laptop, cuddled up.

Sunday: church. puerco tacos with roommates. bye bye TH to train station. c-span and masterpiece theatre till i fell asleep.

i can't believe there are only 3 weekends left here. sad face. but i will make them count. if it ever stops raining, i will get out and enjoy this city!!

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