Sep 29, 2011

baby shower!


hostess and pregs

food + gnome


cinnamon rolls + friends


last saturday, my darling friend naomi threw me a baby shower.

let's back up about 6.5 months. naomi and josh had just had their sweet baby eleanor and we found out we were pregnant - about 5 weeks along. it was so early, we didn't want to tell anyone but family, but we really couldn't hold it in from our friends who had just experienced their first pregnancy and birth. so we went to the davis house to visit and hold eleanor when she was just about 6 weeks old.
"are you ready to have a little friend?" i asked eleanor. and naomi and josh were both like - what is she talking about...then it sunk it...then the screaming started...and hugs and excitement and maybe a baby started crying from the loud noise. it was fun. i was afraid of stealing her baby thunder, but naomi was so excited for us and that week asked me if she could throw me a shower. naomi! you just had a baby! but she persisted and last saturday - my darling friend naomi thew me a baby shower.

she made these awesome flower garlands that looked perfect in her house, and the spread of brunch food was beyond words for this pregnant lady. she made my favorite pregnancy craving - cinnamon rolls - seriously the best i've ever had, and a ton of other amazing food. and then a bunch of people i love showed up and we all talked about life and baby things and ooohed and ahhed over tiny baby things. last time i had all these people i love in one room, it was my bridal shower and i was receiving lacy things. at this shower, i was receiving diapers and tiny socks and nursing pads. what a difference 18 months makes!

it was just the nicest saturday and baby and i felt so loved. thanks to sweet naomi for being such a gracious hostess and a great friend, and my friends who support and love me through marriage, babies, and so much more. i'm a lucky girl, and this lucky baby is going to have a lot of loving aunties!

*all photos taken by naomi and josh davis.


Peppermint Patty said...

What a cute baby shower! I like the gnome addition. :) The cinnamon rolls are making me want NOW!

Tamara said...

Such a cute shower - mazel tov on your little one on the way!

P.S. WHO are you wearing on your feet? I must have those brown boots, like, today.

emily said...

everything looks amazing. i wish i could have been there so you and i could... finally hang out? ha.
p.s. i'm super excited for you.

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these details are so perfect! especially the food and gnomes! what great friends to put all of this on!
xo TJ

Laura K said...

It looks wonderful! It inspired me to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies today. Best decision I've made all week. Hope you got good presents! And had good fun blah blah presents!

Newlymeds said...

This looks like a beautiful shower. I like the comparison to your bridal shower :) Love your blog! xox