Apr 13, 2013

Easter 2013.

How our Easter went this year: Buy pants for Easter Sunday outfit from the girls department of BabyGap. Order bowtie from Colins Closet. Fill 5 Easter eggs with blueberries and cheese bunnies. Wake up 16 month old boy and direct him to easter basket. Watch your little boy laughing about blueberries in an egg, watch him running around, learning all the little details of life, watching him learn how to make other people laugh at church, wonder why he will not eat anything other than bread and cake (I think it's genetic?) but at least he doesn't eat candy (yet?), see him learning to play and interact with his grandparents, auntie, and other family, kiss his sweet little face at the end of the day. Think about next year, when he'll be able to get into the Easter egg hunt (and how will you keep him away from candy this time next year!?)

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