Apr 24, 2013

My neighborhood and not accepting help.

As a mother of a (very) small child, I often get asked by strangers if they can help. I don't think I've ever accepted anybody's help, not because I am too prideful or anything, but for safety reasons.

We don't have a parking space, and we live near a busy stretch of the city that fills up at night. So I'm often left walking a few blocks if I get home after 6pm. Last night, I returned home after visiting family around 9:30pm, and I parked a block and a half away from my house. I picked up all the bags, then scooped up a sleepy Henry in my arms, when a person out walking their dog asked me, "Can I help you get to your house?" and I just kind of wholesale dismissed him saying - "no thanks, I've got it", even though I was clearly overloaded and had a walk ahead of me with heavy bags and a heavy toddler.

I do this kind of stuff all of the time. I don't talk to anyone on the street after dark in my neighborhood. By myself, or with a baby. Sometimes it's shady looking people, but sometimes it is perfectly harmless looking people but I just can't bring myself to accept help or anything other than mumbling a whispered hello. So maybe I come off as a jerk, but maybe sometimes I save my life? Who's to say, really. Maybe I just need to move out of my neighborhood if I can't hang with the gangstars.

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Jen Evans said...

Or you could try looking behind garages for pervs to help you. Or watch you.