Apr 24, 2013

On traveling and discipline.

Mark and I have been exchanging trips and Henry care for the past couple of months. It's been a little ridiculous. Like I either have to be in an airport, a different city or a single parent. That's how it's been the past 2 months. Well, the good news is that we have a little break coming up. No travel for a month ahead of us! How did we get so lucky, I wonder to myself? A normal family time, I wonder what will happen? Maybe we'll hang up some pictures on the wall. Maybe I'll get pregnant (KIDDING). Maybe Henry will bump his head on something (INEVITABLE).

I don't mind traveling when I plan the trip, but as soon as I'm off the plane in a different city I want to high tale it back home to be with my family! What has gotten into me? Like Henry is going to change in 12 hours or something? Or maybe it's just that I can't stand to miss anything he does. Mark and I are totally sick for Henry. Sick. Even his tantrums are cute to us (after the fact). What is wrong with us? My friend was asking me the other day how we discipline Henry and I was like...umm, we don't? It seems to work for all of us? I mean let's be honest, how do you even start to discipline a toddler? Hey Henry, don't throw food on the floor or you will have to lay your head down for 10 seconds. Hey Henry, stop climbing on the furniture or you will have to sit on a stool for 10 seconds. Really? He wouldn't listen and I would be too weak to enforce it because it would turn into a fight, and I thought you weren't supposed to fight with your children? In all seriousness, when do you start providing some discipline that isn't just "ignore it" for a nearly 18 month old? I'm stumped. And probably in need of some sort of guidance that isn't Google.

Post Script: These two things: traveling/single parenting and needing to discipline are not related...ok? I mean, right? Crap.


Patience said...

I agree, no sense in disciplining a toddler. One thing I have read that I thought was helpful was how tone of voice is something babies really respond too. So I'll tell Jude to stop splashing his green smoothie everywhere in some kind of a discipline tone of voice. Ha ha. I am realizing how silly that sounds. Kids!! Who knows. Lets have a play date on one of the weekends you guys are in DC. We'll come to you. Zoo again? ;) xoxo

2nd said...

I don't 'discipline' yet but have found that if I tell Zachary what I want from him he'll catch on, I think toddlers want to be good kids. For example, our dining room is carpeted, I didn't want to be too hard on him for throwing food cause it's such a normal toddler thing, but I also knew it'd be impossible for him to differentiate between throwing a green bean and an open face pb&j. So whenever he'd throw food I'd pick it up and put it back on his plate and tell him he didn't have to eat it but if he didn't want it to put it on his plate. Now when he's done eating he gathers all the food that he's spread all over his tray onto his plate and hands me his plate. When he started doing that I was totally shocked. Kids are amazing.

Sorry, that became really long.

You're an awesome mama <3

Jen Evans said...

When he's old enough to do it to spite you, he's old enough for discipline. One year old = one minute in time out. That's my way. And Super Nanny's way.

Veronica said...

Yeah, I don't know a thing about disciplining an 18-month-old either. Oh well.

Laura K said...

I think "they" say time outs are really sort of pointless before two years old ish. if that is a point of reference for you