Apr 11, 2013

Cherry Blossoms 2013.

Last year's excursion was too much fun, and we couldn't wait to indulge in the madness of walking down to the Tidal Basin with 3,492,651 other people to ogle DC's beautiful cherry blossoms.

This was the best photo we got from last year. You can only ask a stranger to take so many photos of your wriggly family before the kindness runs out, really.

This year, everyone was waiting for those blossoms to show up. We waited...and waited...and waited some more (too cold for those blossoms!), then we just threw our hands in the air and decided to go on down Sunday morning and check them out. They were just starting to pop so we didn't get the full experience, and wouldn't you know it they were in full bloom by Monday afternoon. So it goes.
We got a few photos of the day, and we head back tomorrow morning to do some paddleboats, and keeping out fingers crossed HARD that it doesn't rain on us. We do not seem to be having the luck in the cherry blossom world this year. But, in other news, Henry has crossed into a new realm of toddlerhood. He is really getting a funny sense of humor, and we can't go anywhere without him stopping to pick up a pile of dirt/sticks/leaves/flower buds off the ground and throw it. It's kind of his jam. Who am I to stop him? Let the baby enjoy his hobbies, I say. So Spring has sprung, the leaves on the trees are just days away from appearing, and as soon as this freak 90 degree heat wave leaves, I intend to enjoy this short lived season.


communikate. said...

Ah... one of these years I will make it DC in time for the blossoms to burst.

You look amazing, lady! Motherhood looks so good on you.

Jen Evans said...

Do you know when I see you have a new post I save it for last? I'm a save the best for last kind of girl. And you're the best.