Jul 10, 2013

The week that wasn't.

Hi, it's me, and I'm still alive. For the record, so is Mark. And Henry is the most alive out of all of us, if I'm being honest here. After a week of kidney stones that ended in emergency surgery Friday night, paired with our car being broken into Tuesday morning I thought last week might be the end of me. I'd been looking forward to a long weekend in NYC with Mark and Henry - our third try this year to make it up. But Friday night, as Mark was being rolled into the operating room, I acquiesced and realized - ok, I guess we're not going to NYC. After laying on the floor all week and moaning in pain, I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner, but that's what happens when you are in denial, right?

My tribute to NYC - a black and white cookie - in the hospital cafeteria.
 The view from the hospital room. Pretty sunset and a nice view of Virginia suburbs.

My mother-in-law honestly saved my sanity and rescued Henry from a long day following us around the hospital offices, swooped in and took him home for the night while Mark and I stayed in the hospital and had a late night date at CVS to pick up prescriptions. Exhausting for everyone, but finally he had relief - the pain was gone! The kidney stone was out! Everyone was happy!

Saturday we met up for breakfast with Marks parents and Henry, broke into my Dads house so we could nap on his couches, then spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. It wasn't NYC, but it was ok. I was with my family, we were all happy and healthy, plus - the pool, right? Not a bad way to spend a 95 degree day.

Just when we think we're safe from bad times, our nanny hurt her knee (ligament, ouch!) and has not been able to work this week, and honestly she might be out for a while, so added stress of childcare and is Henry happy with new people and oh my gosh when will life be back to normal?! I stayed home yesterday, a friend is watching Henry today, and hopefully we got childcare lined up for next week in case we need it.

Despite the hard times, I have to say that I've been reflecting on the family and friends who have been so selfless and generous in offering their help. I am not good at asking for help and I hate feeling like I'm burdening others, so this has been a growing experience for me to be able to say - yes, please help! I could really use it! My mother-in-law, my neighbors who helped call the police and clean up broken window glass, my friend who is watching Henry, and countless other friends and family who have sent emails and called to check in on us. It warms my steely heart right up and I have to say I'm a pretty lucky girl to have all these wonderful people in my life. Trials come, as they do, but I'm happy that they help show me a little slice of all the beautiful and lovely people in our life.We are blessed.


WhitneyClarke said...

Lyla Bird and I would love to hang out with Henry! Let me know if we can help.

nomadic gnome said...

You are too sweet, Whitney! We found a temporary nanny for a few weeks, and we are sending up some really stellar prayers for a speedy recovery for our own nanny.