Jul 1, 2013

A man and his dog.

Henry is completely obsessed with his little doggie. So much so, that this weekend he uttered his first sentence: Doggie walk outside?

So you better believe we took that doggie outside for a walk around the block.

For the past week or so, he has also been saying More...(insert word here of whatever he wants more of). Like in church, after sacrament, he'll say more...bread? He also says it when he just wants something, that maybe he hasn't already been eating. More cheese? More eggs? It's cool that he's able to communicate what he wants, but boy you'd better get it for him right away and not tell him we don't have any and we need to go to the store because darnit that answer is not good enough!

1 comment:

Jen Evans said...

An involuntary giggle escaped when I saw the pic. Just doin his thing, walkin his dog.