Jan 9, 2014

Radio silence

Hello, old friends.

I'm in the states, still. I spend my days like this: breakfast and cartoons with Papa, gym, lunch and play with Henry and usually his cousins, nap time for Henry/job searching and planning for me, Henry chases Papa around the house and demands for him to SIT DOWN PAPA, PLAY TRAINS PAPA (to which Papa happily obliges), then we all eat dinner and watch a movie.

So...needless to say...why would I ever want to leave?

I extended my stay because Mark has a busy work schedule this month, including a long trip to Africa.

But if we're being honest, I think I really extended my stay here because I needed some healing time. I had a rough Fall, which included moving (twice!) to a new country, adjusting to new stay-at-home-mom life, mourning the loss of being surrounded daily by dear friends and/or family, and some other health problems that sort of brought me to my knees physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm using this month to heal. I'm restoring my health. I am finally getting a physical therapist to fix my painful sciatica. I joined the gym for a month and I'm loving the daily workouts and free classes, and hoping next week to head to the pool with Henry! I'm eating whole foods, and trying not to snack as much, and drink lots of herbal teas. I feel SO GOOD. I know I couldn't do this without the support of Mark, and mostly my Dad who has been watching Henry and letting me get the rest I so badly need. I was talking to Mark tonight about how selfish I feel about staying here, when I could get along fine in London, and I hope I'm not putting too much of a strain on him, leaving him alone for a month in dreary London. But. This month is making me better. This "me" time, the time I hardly get these days, is so restorative and clearing out the brain fog. I can't wait until I get back to London, because I feel like I get to push the reset button. I'm lucky.

I love my time here, but somewhere in between my gym time euphoria and trying to guess what Henry will eat for dinner, I really miss my home. I really miss London. And mostly, I'm desperately missing my husband. That will be one sweet reunion, I know.

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