Jan 23, 2014

4 days left

I watched About Time last night and the movie is all about appreciating every moment in life, trying to see beyond the stress that accompanies each experience, and embrace the love, beauty, and humor in your world. I cried for the final 15 minutes of the movie non-stop and immediately sent a sappy email to Mark about how I can't wait to have our little family back together.

Henry woke up with a fever yesterday and still has it today, so we've been laying low and it's pretty exciting around here. I'm also on a juice cleanse (today is the last day!), so I can't eat my feelings or eat out of boredom, so there is seriously nothing going on here. Henry won't let me leave his side, so it's him, me, and my bottle of juice everywhere we go. We are quite the threesome. Hoping tomorrow brings better things, like delicious solid food - going to try this salad for lunch - and a happier Henry. And warmer temperatures outside while I am wishing for things.

4 more days until we are back in London and I really cannot wait. All this sick and cold just makes me want to get home to my comfortable bed and our comfortable routine. Miss you, London.

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Joy Buhler said...

Hope the flight back goes well, and you had a wonderful time here.