Jan 15, 2014

hello from suburbia

Well, I'm going to say it. There is a reason people live in the suburbs. Life is EASY STREET out here. Let me just jump in my car and go anywhere and not get stuck in traffic and no potholes and hey target is right here, let's stop for a minute! Oh, I'm headed to the gym, what will I do with my toddler? Oh, you have a kidcare? And it's clean? And it's only 3 dollars an hour? Cool. Now I'm just going to park my mammoth car in my long driveway and devil may care if I park on the street, no parking permit needed, I own this town. Oh yeah, and 2 TVs in the house, both with digital cable.


Admittedly, I could somewhat easily incorporate some of the easy living of the suburbs into our city life. We could get TV if we wanted. I could find a gym with childcare. We could get a car if we wanted, and probably even find a parking space without parking permit needed if we really looked (and were willing to pay lots of money...ok, that one is probably less likely). In our city life, we prioritize what we want to to try and cultivate the kind of life we want. But the shocking truth of the matter is that Mark and I both grew up in these NOVA suburbs, and we are suburb kids trying to live the city life. And sometimes the old comfortable, carpeted houses with TV and big cars feels normal and comfortable to us. It makes me question our ability to live in the city, except for one thing: city crush. I have a total crush on city life and living in it makes me twitter-pated, hearts in my eyes, the rush of euphoria and the whole works. I am still in crushing hard mode, but my eyes are starting to wander to larger homed pastures. It's probably just a case of too much House Hunters going to Houston, TX.

When we get back to London I have big plans to re-do Henry's room to reflect his transition he's made from baby to wild-eyed toddler, and then it's time to get down to enjoying this huge city we live in. Time to explore our wild city, because with my wandering eyes, who even knows how long we'll live here! (wink, wink)

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