Jul 28, 2006

hooked on a feeling

Lance Bass is out of the closet.

I'm fairly certain that we all knew this was coming. I mean, he was in the premier boy band for years. I would go become gay, too, if I was constantly gyrating around 4 other sweaty guys.
But, seriously, how could it be a front page story on People Magazine? I don't really think being gay merits a cover story on one of the most popular smut reads in America. Maybe if it was 1979 or even 1993, when being gay was still taboo, it would make headlines round the world. But now, and especially in "showbiz", being gay is comparable to...oh i don't know...throwing up after you eat. Everyone does it. Everyone KNOWS everyone else does it, but nobody talks about it. So why do you get a medal when you admit to something that everybody else does anyway?

I don't get it.

What do all the other n'sync-er's think about this?
Justin "I date hot girls" Timberlake supports him, but lets be honest, couldn't care less. He's sleeping with Cameron Diaz for crying out loud.
Joey "I'm the fat one cause thats what my last name says" Fatone is developing a sitcom called 'The Odd Couple' with his chum, Lance. My guess is it's about a chubby italian man who lives with a fancypants moon-bound pretty boy.
Chris Kirkpatrick. Which one was he?
JC "Jerry Curl" Chavez is still playing his role as MTV hotshot, but everyone is well aware of his decline in Hollywood. He dated Eva Longoria, she dumped him for a NBA star...where do you go from there? Nowhere but down, my friends. He will comment on Lance's sexual preference only as a ploy to be heard in the tabloids again.