Jan 7, 2007

Charlie Brown has nothing on my Christmas...

Remember the time when you would wake up on Christmas morning and everything was new and bright? Every present you opened was like finding a goldmine, whether it was a pair of socks or a new bike. Slap some wrapping paper on anything and it is instantly appreciated. Being a child and spending Christmas with tons of people just felt...right.
Well this past Christmas (yes, like 2 weeks ago) I was basically all alone. When I say basically, I mean that my mother and I spent the holiday together. Yes, just me and my mom. All alone. Christmas Eve and day. What were we possibly going to do that would entertain both of us and keep me pulling out all my hair from the sheer madness that comes from being with your mom for more than a few hours.
So we thought about it.

Mom thought about it.

I thought about it.

Then...we had it!!

We would go into DC for Christmas. An old fashioned Christmas at the Mayflower Hotel.
The Mayflower is a quasi-famous hotel in the city which has historical significance in the eyes of many politicians and DC's elite. Inaugural balls are held there on every Inauguration Day. Harry S. Truman lived there. JFK ran the halls as a child. J. Edgar Hoover lunched there daily for twenty years. It is a very posh hotel, full of people with old money. The halls are decorated with gold cherubs, and high ceilings line the hotels entry way. It is seriously gorgeous.

We had yummy breakfast in bed on Christmas morning. We exchanged presents in the morning. Watched the Christmas parade on TV. It was great fun, I'm so glad we treated ourselves to some luxury Christmas treats!

We went back to my mom's house and cooked up a fabulous Christmas veggie dinner. Butternut Squash on ravioli, Asparagus, Rice pilaf...

And we made a delicious Danish Kringle. It was mouth watering. Like a coffee cake donut sent from heaven.

Yum! What a fabulous Christmas!