May 10, 2007

Achtung! All people who love thursdays

Let's first begin by reviewing why Thursdays are so fantastic.
1. Day after hump day.
2. It's Friday's Eve.
3. The Office
4. Thursday is the new Friday. (I mean, really. Who actually works on Friday anymore?)

Ok, clearly I can't think of great reasons why Thursdays are one of my favorites of the week. Maybe it all stems from my adolesence when Thursday nights were filled with Friends and Seinfeld. Or maybe it comes from my love for Last Thursdayism.

Anyway whatever the reason, there is now a solid foundation upon which to build your love to the Thursday shrine.
Thursday is Swedish Pea Soup and crepes day!!!

In the days of yore, Swedes would eat a filling meal of Pea Soup and Swedish crepes on Thursdays as a method of preparing for the Catholic day of fasting on Friday. It was so prevelant in the culture, pea soup was even eaten by Royalty. History tells that a king, Erik the 14th, was killed eating Yellow pea soup that had been poisoned. Thats gotta be some thick soup to cover up the poison. Yumm.
As the country and culture disassociated itself from religious rituals, it continued to thrive. And, hello, I'm not surprised at all. Pea soup? Good. Crepes? Good. Swedish Thursdays? Gooooood.

Please join me every Thursday for a steaming bowl of hearty pea soup and a healthy plate of Crepes and Jam. And if you think pea soup/crepe thursdays are awesome, than check out Pink Thursdays, AKA Maundy Thursdays. Kids dressing up as witches, Bonfires, Halloween-esque Easter celebrations...I need to move to Sweden.


jenny said...

Not bad at all....

Dr. Laura said...

Would all those in favor please make it manifest, please make it manifest.

I agree Gnome Face. I too have the same love for Thursdays, and yes it is beause of Must See TV Thursdays, and the unofficial start of the weekend, and it's about time to get the respect it deserves!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh...I remember a great joke from about the fifth grade about pea soup...:)

nomadic gnome said...

Well whats the joke, Anon?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry...
Answer "Pea soup" after everything I say:
What did you have for breakfast?

What did you have for lunch?

What did you have for dinner?

What did you do all night?


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