May 3, 2007


Thanks, Iggy. This successfully wasted 10 minutes of my work day. Every little bit helps.

Four jobs I have had in my life -
1. Retirement Home “waitress” (my first job at 14)
2. Baker. I made the scones and the cookies.
3. Pizza delivery girl
4. Office Rat, or Collation Specialist

Four movies I watch over and over again -
1. Motorcycle Diaries
2. Amelie
3. Lord of the Rings {I'm also a nerd, Iggy}
4. Waiting for Guffman

Four places I have lived -
1. Virginia - Manassas
2. Utah
3. Alaska
4. Virginia – Arlington

Four television shows I watch -
1. The Office. I'm hooked
2. Grey’s Anatomy. It comes on right after The Office. So convenient. So scandalous. So…je ne sais quoi.
3. Seinfeld
4. Friends {on DVD}

Four places I have gone on vacation -
1. Grand Canyon
2. Kenai Peninsula, AK
3. France. Not a huge fan. I prefer to call it “Freedom”.
4. Mazatlan, Mexico

Four websites I visit daily -
1. Friends' blogs
2. CNN
3. Gofugyourself
4. Travelocity

Four of my favorite foods -
1. spicy thai curry
2. spicy Indian curry
3. spicy Mexican food
4. brown sugar-cinnamon poptarts

Four places I'd rather be right now -
1. running a trail in Alaska
2. Sticky Fingers Bakery
3. The E street cinema
4. laying on a warm beach, getting cancer

Five people I tag -
1. Nobody. I’ve had enough of this Tagging business.