May 24, 2007

Interesting veggies

There a vote taking place on the PETA website for sexiest vegetarian. Yes, I think its great to be vegetarian and yes, I'm happy these people are socially aware of the implications and all. However, it's always interesting to note the people who decide to go this route. Some are funny, some are really seriously smokin hot, and some are just...lying. So, I have compiled a list, seperated into categories of some of the contenders for this years Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity

1. Blast from the Past

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT!)
Emmylou Harris
Jennie Garth
Noah Wyle
Kenny Loggins

2. Doesn't eat meat, but still a meathead

Alec Baldwin
Benji Madden
Don Imus (prob went veg after pressure from his PR people.)
Woody Harrelson
Casey Kasem (star of Saved by the Bell)

3. Only doing it for the year to be entered in the contest, thus receiving recognition despite complete career failure. (including fact that they are probably only vegetarian because of their sole consumption of beer nuts and expired Schlitz)
Boy George
Bryan Adams
Little Richard
Michael Bolton

4. Hot, hot, hot. I'm considering us the best of friends because of all the things we have in common (like our shunning of meat product)

David Duchovny
Rivers Cuomo
Natalie Portman
Esai Morales
Joaquin Phoenix
Weird Al Yankovic (what?)
Nomadic Gnome

There you have it, folks. Go check out the website and vote for your favorite! Don't forget Samwise Gamgee! Hobbits are vegetarians, too!