May 14, 2007

I'll take the bus, thank you.

Friday was great. Went to artomatic with Iggy and Best Friend. Saturday was spent shopping with mom for mothers day. We had some delicious salads for lunch and I went home to meet up with an old friend to go mountain biking.

My first biking experience was in a word, thrilling. One minute you are pedaling your brains out, trying to get up a steep hill and the next you are tensing up every muscle in your body, in an effort to keep your bike under control and to uh...stay alive. But I didn't crash at all. Which, as my friend explained, meant I was just too careful. Maybe next time.

Saturday night was spent at my friends housewarming party. I learned if you ask someone for money, they will give it to you without questions! Who knew I had such generous friends?

And then...Sunday. The weather was perfect. I was able to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Fast forward to 9:03 PM. Company is at the house and we're all sharing jokes and laughter and I'm sure warm fuzzies, when we hear screeching tires and grinding metal. We immediately ran outside to be nosy neighbors and to behold this:

Bloody hell.

As we were running outside, and while Joe was hopping over the fence like Walker, Texas Ranger to kick some rear, the guy who hit my car SPED OFF down the street! A hit and run...I was amazed at his bravado. One of our neighbors took off down the street to get try and get his tag information. Though, he really didn't need to. About 3 blocks up the road, the intoxicated driver lost control of his car and after side swiping 4 cars, ended up here:
Right here:
He had left a minor piece of his car behind him,
but continued on in determination leaving a blazing trail that would put any fireworks show to shame. Well done. I'm always saying when you go out, go out in style.
Ruby was taken to the big vehicular cloud in the sky.
A little part of me died last night. Lots of road trips with Ruby. When I was homeless for a few weeks, I camped out in the back. I looked all over for the perfect car and found Ruby by a lucky turn on a random street in Salt Lake. We had a good run, Ruby. You will be missed by many. Iggy. Best Friend. Chesty Laroo. You are gone, but not forgotten.

5/13/07 Never Forget.
Ruby, in happier times. Taken the week after I brought her home.