May 7, 2007

My quarter life crisis.

Now that I am officially 25 as of 2:02 this morning, I feel good. I've been apprehensive for this age. When I was younger, 25 year-olds always seemed to have it together. They were in careers, they were starting to get married and in some cases have children. They were knowledgeable about politics and the affairs of the world. They went on expensive vacations with their other overpaid friends of the professional world.

I can see how completely wrong I was about 25 year-olds, seeing as how I have none of those things. Fortunately, I have been richly blessed with an amazing family, caring and supportive friends, and opportunities to grow and learn about the world around me. Indeed, I feel very fortunate in my life and I always find my birthdays are a good time to reflect upon these times.

The highlights of my 24th year in sequential order:
1. Completing a cross country trip with Best Friend.
2. Getting my Dad and Mom to try sushi
3. Successful summer in Fairbanks, Alaska, including fire fighters, Jodi and the girls, My first Eskimo Olympics, getting chased by a moose, camping above the Arctic Circle, and several bluegrass festivals.
4. Jumping off a riverboat into icy waters of Alaska
5. Kayaking through the Prince William Sound
6. Another cross-country trip with my best friend, Leslie, through the southern states.
7. Knitted a blanket for my niece, E Squared.
8. NYC for new years!
9. Got a job {not really sure if this counts as highlight}
10. Reunion with my brother, sisters and parents for blessing of E Squared. (But we missed the Charlottesville Rowletts!)

Can't wait to see what this year will bring!


spew said...

I'm adding an Arby's shake - which can be traded in for a DQ Blizzard, to the curly fries that I owe you. Hoorah for Julie.

Jenny said...

Wow, lizzie made it on your highlights twice and you didn't even give birth to her!

Iggy Enigma said...

welcome to 25. oh wait! i just jumped that train. well. i guess it could only handle one of us at a time!!

most impressive on this list: #2!

Jill said...

26 was my hard birthday!

Joe said...

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