Jun 2, 2009

sneak post.

I'm in DC. I'm at my new office. It is quite lovely. As lovely as an office can be. Decorating will commence shortly.
I don't have a bed yet. I don't have anything unpacked yet. I haven't even met one of my roommates yet.

Because I'm having a grand ole time here! DC is fun and full of things to do every night with some of the people most dear to me. The weekend was sunny, happy, and adventure filled. Friday night an all-friends dinner in old town alexandria at the beloved fish market. Saturday - Eastern market for lunch, dupont circle for dinner (greek food). Lots of walks. Sunday was church and family time. Monday first day of work and first day of b.e.p. (body enhancement program - yes i stole this idea from mickey). Healthy foods and exercise! Late night show at the galaxy hut with Mary D and nearly every friend I've ever known in DC. It was good, good times.

I love my job. I should actually get back to working so my boss doesn't find me out (there is no need for him to know of my slackerness quite yet). My productivity is sinking as I prolong the diet coke consumption. Oh - best part of my job? FREE diet coke. Yeah, what's not to love??

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