Jul 1, 2009

welcome summer.

last night: home run derby, popsicles, and watermelon.

I hit about 35% of what was thrown at me. Not bad. I think TH would've been proud of me had he seen me (but he was busy checking his blackberry in the outfield and getting hometaught. oh well).

I saw old friends and met some friends, too. It rained on us, but we played through because what the hell - its summer.

and guess what my dears?
I got a rug. It will be delivered to my dads house in 1-2 weeks (Jen, can you watch out for it please? thank you. i owe you iced cream). Here she is:
I'm thinking of painting my wall purple. Or gray if I'm not feeling so brave. This purple is nice, or something a few shades darker:

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