Jul 17, 2009

what? i like parties. no big deal.

what happens in a week that makes it pass by too quickly? dance party on monday, bbq birthday party on tuesday, party planning dinner on wednesday, bridal shower party on thursday. and today? baseball game...does that count as a party?

one of my dear friends is having a gilded age lawn party (think gatsby era) and i'm helping her plan a bit. looking for the perfect dress to wear and long pearl necklaces to match! and a cloche, oh if i could just find a lovely cloche. dc, i'm finding, is not the place to look for this. i'll be in seattle next week, so i'm hitting up those stores. i also might go to nyc next weekend to check out vintage stores (and of course to eat at absolute bagels, levain's, and black and whites). any suggestions of vintage stores in either of these cities?

oh the perils of party-going.

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