Jun 23, 2010


yesterday morning on our way to work, we were approached by a guy in his mid-twenties standing by the metro entrance. "want to come to a GOP happy hour tonight?" and i said, "oh, you guys dedicate one hour a day for happiness? is that how you live with yourselves?" haha. i kid, i did not really say that but i wanted to.

the last time i said something funny to someone i did not know was on earth day when i saw a greenpeace volunteer asking for donations. i said to him, "it's like seeing a leprechaun on st. patricks day!" he laughed, and we hi-fived.

then i started thinking about all the funny and witty things that people i do not know have said to me over the years. and i wondered, maybe that thing they said to me was the funniest thing they've ever said! because i don't know if i've ever said anything funnier than the leprechaun thing before. so i always walk away thinking, "man, i wish i were as funny as that person". but maybe i am, folks. maybe i am as funny as the person who gets one good zinger in their whole life.

also, fyi - today is another good hair day. of course, that's after taking a shower. this morning i looked like kevin bacon when i woke up. aiii!


Jen Evans said...

FYI - the last line is "Bacon when I woke up" and I was happy for you.

hanner said...

oooh you should have said it! i do that all the time. (not say the funny thing, that is.) i'm always given the most awkward opportunities to say something funny, like when i told the guy at potbelly "could i have a TKY please?" and he just responded "no." that's not giving me much to work with for a clever response.

(the wording of this comment is so weird. i'm leaving now.)

suzy said...

hahaa...i liked this little rant. you ARE funny.
:) cheers!