Jun 30, 2010

back in dc, finally.

and i don't have to leave until july 12! i never thought i would be traveling so much, but it's kind of fun. i have lots of pictures to upload to my computer, but last night i just needed to take a night to relax.

the drive back from hershey was about 2.5 hours and felt like a mini-road trip. i had the windows rolled down, the ipod cranking out rocky votolato, regina spektor, sleigh bells, and radiohead. had such a great time singing at the top of my lungs. and have you heard sleigh bells? my summer favorite, definitely. i love how distorted the sound is, with her sweet vocals on top.

last night TH and i took a walk around our neighborhood with nice weather for the first time in weeks. we ended up at sweetgreen for salad and froyo, then back to our apartment to watch the funniest not-meant-to-be funny 80's movie ever: wall street.
working-class new jersey guy, bud fox aka charlie sheen, makes it big on wall street and has a moment where he looks out over the city from his upper east side apartment and says outloud, "who am i?" HILARIOUS. he also litters, rides a motorcycle, buys pretentious modern art, and eats steak tartare. i'm just saying, if you want to laugh, watch this movie.

it was a great night. it's nice to be back home. tonight i'm going grocery shopping like a normal person. that's the thing i'm looking forward to most this whole week. sweet.


Iggy Bloggit said...

ooh do you have tickets to their show this friday? i am looking for one or more in case you know a guy (CL users are being jerks about it as always, $100 for one!)

Iggy Bloggit said...

ps. i hear the pools will be open between now and july 12, and there are lawn chairs with our names on them