Jul 25, 2011

it's a hot hot hot hot world.

it has been 3 days straight with temperatures over 100 degrees. that is crazy nuts. and what did i do the whole weekend? well, i spent it outside shopping my brains out! not the smartest thing i've ever done, but i did have my mom with me to provide comfort and cold water (and the VW to provide blasting AC).
we went to lucketts to check out antiques, leesburg to the outlet malls, where i scored this sweet little french oven:and i found some amazing new-to-me furniture stores in quaint little Takoma Park, too.

Modern Mobler - all mid-century modern furniture at a reasonable price and ridiculously friendly staff (a nice change from the shops on 14th and U street).
and Trohv - a sweet little furniture boutique with lots of cute and quirky gift ideas. i'll definitely be returning to check it out.
so that was my hot weekend. let's just say that the nesting has officially started. how did you stay cool this weekend?


hanner said...

i don't remember where i saw modern mobler but i've been wanting to go there for a while! also, the le creuset is the best kitchen tool you will ever own. ever. you can cook ANYTHING in that sucker.

Dana said...

I have the same Le Creuset in the same color even and it is my all-time favorite pot. I kept storing it in the box for the first 6 months I owned it. :-)
Now get yourself one of those stoneware scrappers from Pampered Chef. Makes cleaning this, and almost anything else super easy!