Jul 26, 2011

we go a-travelin.

well, well we are just little travel bugs over here lately. a little sad, a lot exhausting, but also really funny to see the pictures we take for each other. like i take pictures like this last week in LA
(look at your 24 weeks pregnant wife!)
and he takes pictures like this
(hello from the great wall!) - complete with peace sign

i love him.


hanner said...


naomi megan. said...

you really do have the cutest bump ever. and we loved running into you tonight. we need to get together soon! i can't believe how fast this summer has flown by!

communikate. said...

A perfect bump! You are movin' right along lady! Yip yip!!

mike said...

Is it me or does Mark not look at all happy to be there?

nomadic gnome said...

duh, he misses me.
plus i think that was his 3rd or 4th time taking that picture. so, you know.