Jul 28, 2011

jess comes to town!

jess comes to visit tonight! i cannot wait to see my nyc bff!
i love this girl so much and i can't believe she's leaving nyc for greener, west-coaster pastures. now we'll have to be bi-coastal BFF's. are you sure you don't want to stay in DC, miss jess?

we had so much fun living in NYC together. we were both newbies at the same time and she got me through the tough times so much. dates at lalo, shopping, trader joe's, laundry dates, the list goes on and on. it was never a dull moment. she is also an amazing seamstress and designer and helped me with my wedding dress. i'm so lucky to have a friend like her.

but my very most favorite thing to do in the world with jess is go to shows and DANCE. do you think we can go to a show with my little baby bump? and dance around like crazy people?

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Laura K said...

See: Baby Mama