Jul 13, 2011

you and your sister live in a lemon world.

you guys, i am like SO crafty. i made this wreath in 10 minutes before TH's parents came over this weekend. i'd had the materials laying on my floor for about 3 weeks and guess what? i suppose the kind of crafter i am is a procraftinator. groan.

i kind of think it looks like something a grandparent would put on their door, but i'll leave it for awhile. i hardly ever make anything crafty so i'm pretty proud of myself. i'm totally going to be the kind of mom that wears the macaroni necklaces her kid makes her. be proud of the effort, not the end product, right? right?


communikate. said...

she's crafty!

good job lady! i don't even bother with crafts anymore. i have so many "projects" waiting in my closet it ridiculous.

Dana said...

You should see the piles of yarn and sheets of patterns I have in my "craft closet"

Well done on the wreath though. I think it's cute!