Jul 6, 2011

summer of cooking.


while TH was living it up in Asia, i got to work in the kitchen. wooden spoon in hand, pots and pans everywhere, cookbooks lying around for days...it was all so nice. having an appetite is a wonderful thing. for example, i ate 2 sandwiches for lunch today. big deal. i'm happy to be pregnant and happy to be cooking and eating again like a normal person.

i've been experimenting in the kitchen, and ironing out some yummy summer dinners and treats. if you are looking for some ideas, you can find my rolodex (growing) here.


Becca said...

what is that pasta and green bean recipe? i think i need it.

naomi megan. said...

um. YUM!

communikate. said...

dude. it's 8 am, and that all looks fantastic!

hooray for an appetite!

amanda jane said...

yum, yum, yum

nomadic gnome said...

becca, the pasta and bean recipe is on my gnomie cooks blog, but its super easy to make (another reason to love it). beans, potatoes, pasta, and pesto! viola!