Dec 6, 2011

3 weeks today.

smiling henry.
henry looks at mom.
dad and henry snuggle.
and we're going through a growth spurt! little henry is either eating or asleep. but mostly eating 24-7. he is so alert, and looks right into our eyes every day - it's nuts! he loves to observe the world around him. he does such a good job holding his head up, and has been holding his head up for the past 10 days or so (already so advanced). he loves to smile and look at the christmas tree and stare at anything that is black and white. he also tugs at his daddys beard sometimes which completely melts me into a puddle on the floor.
we are such nerds for henry around here, it's ridiculous. proud parents doesn't even begin to describe us. we love you, dear henry.


hanner said...

daaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww... i love that smiley.

Dana said...

That face! Look at that face! He's so adorable!

emily said...

that is the sweetest little smile!

pandorasbox said...

What a beautiful little boy, Henry is and so alert! I see the burp cloth I made is coming in handy. :-) Your little family is so precious. May God Bless you with continued health and happiness throughout the holidays and New Year!!

The Sullengers said...

so precious! And those blankets are my all time faves! Babies are so great and so hard at the same time - I hope you are adjusting well and Henry is a good baby! It always takes me months to adjust to having kids, but I may be weird :)

The Oylers said...

Okay Henry is seriously so adorable. I am glad you are doing well. It is tiring, but so worth it. You look great by the way.