Dec 1, 2011


nobody told me that it might be difficult to take care of a baby when you're also taking care of your own body that "went through it". i didn't expect to have a ravaged postnatal body, but i did. luckily TH was able to take off quite a bit of time to spend at home as we transitioned to life with Henry, he's been a lifesaver with water every time i sit down to breastfeed, a bite to eat when i'm starving in the middle of the night, the laundry is always done, and i never changed a diaper until henry was almost a week old, and even still i think i can count on both hands the number of diapers i've changed.

to quote a friend, TH is a natural at this. i am so grateful to be his wife and happy to see him adjusting so well to being a dad. i love him.

i'm working on the birth story and will share at least some of it here in the next few days.



Laura K said...

I thought we had the ' adult diaper' talk.

Eliza said...

Aahhhh those first few wretched...down there. I'm laughing at the adult diaper comment...and remembering the feeling of that first 24 hours in the hospital. Not my favorite.

I had 3 somewhat different birth experiences and the recoveries were all different too. After 2 weeks I felt much more like myself. Then after a month, even more like myself, and by 2 months I really felt pretty good and could sneeze big huge sneezes whenever I darn well wanted to. TMI? By 6 months, I feel 100% back to normal! Or at least I would if I ever got any sleep. :P

All of that is physical by the way. I also had very different emotional recoveries each time, which is another story.

Keep taking it easy whenever humanly possible!

Lars said...

ouch you make me hurt juslie. But thank goodness for those adult diapers! I hope you get feeling better soon.

mj said...

Oh, I felt the same way after Adele. Why did no one tell me how much post-partum recovery sucks? I realized later that 1)it varies a lot among women just how much pain you experience and, 2)if I really knew, I would have been even more scared for delivery, which would not help. Be patient with yourself.


mj said...

Sorry for the big blank space. A toddler got ahold of the computer.