Dec 16, 2011

deals + 1 month.

our family at the DC temple this week.
i finally found a new winter coat that is warm and doesn't make me look like a marshmallow! i am always checking out the merch at need supply, a well curated clothing shop based in richmond, va, but i can hardly afford to buy anything from the store. i'd had my eye on this parka for the past few months and then i found it for 2/3 the price on zappos! i thought rob hamill would have been proud.

Henry at 1 month.
henry turned 1 month yesterday! to celebrate, we went for a walk by the capitol to his favorite spot - the botanical gardens - where he loves to stare at this iron gate for as long as i'll let him. then we nursed and pooped all day (his other 2 favorite things).

henry, you make us so happy. when you stare right into my eyes i think you must know something i don't. or at least you are letting me know that we are in this together, and it's so comforting for your mama. you are sleeping 4-5 hours at night, which makes us feel like we won the baby lottery. you get fussy in the evening and your parents are worried we are messing you up, but then we just remind ourselves that you are a baby and this is what babies do. you squak like a bird when you are hungry and it makes us laugh so hard. you like to hold onto your little teething ring when i change you, and you love it when i sing christmas songs. you are growing so fast and your mom and dad love you so much! we can't wait to see what month 2 brings us (a smile, maybe?)

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hanner said...

1. you and henry pooping together, what a magical thing ;)

2. robham WOULD be proud! can i hire you to be my personal shopper?? i have been looking for a good winter coat, and by "looking" i mean "wishing one would just come to me" because i hate nothing more than browsing online. i just need some fur and some poof in my life.