Dec 29, 2011

are you even ready?

is 2011 seriously over in a few days? i feel like i say this every year, but seriously how did that happen so fast? how did i end up with a baby at the end of the year? how did i end up falling even more in love with life?
henry funny face
if you would've asked me what i'd accomplish in 2011, i never would have guessed that i would have expanded my family. yet. here we are. 3. THREE.
henry looking at mama
i'm off to find some sparkly baby hats to help us all ring in the new year. in style. in our little basement apartment. i can't remember the last time i stayed in on new years eve, but i hardly think henry is up for a party at only 7 weeks old...or heck, he stays up all night partying anyway, maybe we should just make it official!


oh ps we had a very merry christmas and mark helped make it so memorable, and well, henry did too with his fat little face (i just LOVE that henry is a chubby baby).
oh and pps i get to do some postpartum shopping now that i'm officially approved to exercise again. it's time to drop these baby pounds. where do normal people shop these days?


Laura K said...

Target. Clothes shopping as a mommy doesn't always work out too well. It has to be timed perfectly where he's just been fed and is sleepy but then you have two hours max. And then there's the baby to worry about

P-Cute said...

Happy New Year to the Gnome Family :)

emily said...

your instagram of him on the nye was amazing. so perfectly new years.

Jen Evans said...

Just remember that the fitting rooms also serve as private nursing rooms.

Mattwo said...

that top pic definitely looks like he's telling some neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.