Mar 12, 2012

heavy heart.

getting ready for his big day with nanny. in a rare sleeping moment.
every morning we bundle up mr. henry for his short little trip to the nanny. and every morning he is SO CUTE it hurts to drop him off. he just stares at us with his charming smile and pretty blue eyes, like "aww, cmon guys, dontcha wanna spend all day with me again??" heart. breaks.
we had a crazy day/night yesterday due to the time change. someone didn't want to nap all day, and woke up all night last night. (we are reading books on sleep training and plan to start in a couple of weeks once we have our plan written out.) so dropping baby off at the nanny this morning was extra hard because i knew he was tired, and i was tired, and he had a little tear just hanging out in his eye, waiting to pour down his face.
and i gave him a kiss, waved goodbye, and got back to the car and just started crying. today was really hard.
so i take breaks every 15 minutes to look at pictures or videos of henry. it's the only thing that gets me through the day. this video of henry watching his cousin, jake (only 6 weeks younger than hen!) was taken on sunday morning. isn't jake the cutest?? henry thinks so.


hanner said...

oh bebe. i love watching how intent he is ON EVERYTHING!!

hang in there mamacita. you are doing a great job! <3<3

Jen Evans said...

My heart is exploding!

P-Cute said...

your little henry is SO adorable!! and you made me tear up just thinking of that tear henry had waiting to fall :(. my prayers are with you guys :)! and i agree, you are doing a great job.