Mar 9, 2012

here i am.

finishing off my first full week of work feels like a true accomplishment. i only cried once and only thought about never going back to work a handful of times. maybe this week was made better by:
1. fancy no-holds-barred lunch date at Againn with TH! we ordered 2 different kinds of brussel sprouts and a banoffee pie just to name a few things. indulgent.
2. two 70 degree days this week.
3. friends visited and brought us yummy dinner
4. jimmy johns is now located across the street from my office!

but the tough things of this week were pretty seriously tough:
1. i have 4 cavities. darn pregnancy weakening my teeth.
2. i got a pancake flat tire last night that made me late to pick up Henry and i cried so hard about it. not because of the flat, but because i was afraid Henry would think i forgot about him. I didn't forget! I didn't forget, baby!
3. TH went to NYC without me. Raincheck for next time, please!

And now we have arrived to the weekend. We're planning on a brunch date to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and maybe check out some furniture shops around town. It's plum time to get our house in order. Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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hanner said...

i'm totally making a banoffee pie for pi day. mark my words.