Mar 27, 2012

cherry blossoms.

we saw them! we made the trip to the tidal basin last Friday before all the cherry blossoms fell. this was a huge step for us, since i am normally so addicted to keeping henry on his nap/bedtime schedule. and although we had some tears, we had some of the biggest smiles and laughs we've ever seen out of our little guy. he loves being outside and loves being part of a big crowd (just like his papa mickey. ahem shopping on black friday). i just love the flowering trees of DC.
blossoms + mom and hen
henry + dad
henry, 4 months, loves cheek kisses.


emily said...

wish I could be there for those... you kids look great!

naomi megan. said...

i love that one of you three!!! what an adorable happy little family!

Jay and Heath said...

Love that last picture! You guys are Adorable! AND don't even get me started on little Henry... L.O.V.E!