Mar 27, 2012

laura + babies come to town.

a few weeks ago, my sister laura came to visit us from minnesota and she brought her funny and adorable babies, elijah and evie. they are such a cute duo, and we wish they lived closer to us! she came down to throw a double baby shower for my sisters, due in june and july - both with little boys! i just love talking about all things baby with all my sisters and watch them dote on henry, and see them prepare to bring their own little baby boys into the world. i know henry will make an excellent rabble rouser and gang leader. or at least he will be able to plot a curve of how to have fun for the other boys (nerd joke - my sisters tease me that henry will be a smartie pants boy, i don't know where they get that idea...).

laura + henry

papa + henry
jenny baby shower
mary baby shower


Laura K said...

Yay henry! I miss him. And the rest of you guys. But oh that henry.

Jay and Heath said...

A bunch of Rowlett babies? YES, Please!! How fun to have FOUR baby boy cousins born so close together. They will be the cutest little buddies! :)