Feb 19, 2013

All Done All Done All Done

Two funny things happened on this great 3-day weekend. First of all, it was cold enough to turn into a snowman, and we nearly did. We got pretty stir-crazy staying inside most of Saturday, so we decided to head to the playground on Sunday at sunset to swing with Henny. He swung and laughed for about 10 seconds, then started waving his arms and saying "all done all done all done all done". Too cold!

Last night, we went to Gravely Point to watch the planes fly overhead, something we've been wanting to do for a long time with Hen. We watched about 3 planes fly what-felt-like-inches-from-our-heads and about 10 minutes into it, Henny goes "all done all done all done" with that same I'm-cold look on his face. Poor guy! It was a really fun weekend, and we did do one non-outside activity that we all loved - we went to the American History museum on Presidents Day to see the First Ladies dress exhibit for me and the trains and trucks for Henry and Dad. Hen adored all the big trains and trucks, and we had a hard time pulling him away. It's so fun to see him developing interests and fascination in all things trucks, buses, trains.

And lastly, I finally got brave and just let Henry at the tomato-sauce spaghetti. He was asking for it for breakfast this morning.


emily said...

1. i love gravelly point
2. i love watching henry eat spaghetti

Lily said...

that is so freaking cute!