Feb 11, 2013

Family weekend.

On Friday, we made the hasty decision to have a fun weekend. Because planned fun sometimes isn't as fun as spontaneous fun, we didn't plan anything and just woke up and did whatever we felt like doing.
We walked out the door, saw the bus coming down the street, hopped on. Henry was in bus heaven. He learned how to stick his tongue out, thanks to a friendly bus rider (those bus people, honestly, they are cut from a different mold, are they not?). He sat the most still I've ever experienced while we rode down the street. AKA he liked the bus a lot.

We walked through Chinatown to the Air and Space museum. Henry loved the planes and rocketships, but mostly he loved running around and climbing on everything.

We started cloth diapering again because it saves money and waste, and forgot that you have to change the baby more than every 3-4 hours, and guess who peed all over himself and on Mark while we were eating lunch in the museum!? Stupid rookie parents! After we dried his pants in the bathroom super dryer, we walked the 2 miles home. It was a nice walk with my family.

Henry napped while Mark and I did some thinking about the future (oooo! the future!) and then we all drove over to Cristy and Sierra's to have our belated Christmas dinner with the gang. We love seeing all those guys, and I'm glad we still get invited to things with our old friends because all we do is talk about Henry and it has to be so boring? Thank you friends for indulging us and please help us to be better. I promise I won't be offended if you don't want to hear all the things that Henry is eating lately and the cute little things he is saying. Maybe that's what this blog is for?

So, spontaneity wins again. Lesson learned - plan less for a super fun time! Just remember to change the diapers more often and everyone will have a better time.

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emily said...

i love spontaneous. and that you are using cloth diapers.