Feb 6, 2013

Saturday date.

Last Saturday, in anticipation of not seeing much of Henry this week, I decided to take him and I on a little date to the Portrait Gallery on Saturday. He tolerated the portraiture, but I knew he needed something more. Perhaps something with a little more color and movement, because you know - toddlers and all.  We took the elevator to the modern art portion of the American Art museum, and success! Henry kept repeating "wow!" "wow!" at everything. It was my first experience with him that felt like we were just hanging out enjoying something cool together. I was in heaven!

Afterwards, we went to the Kogod courtyard, where he could run around as much as his little feet cared to run. I snapped some photos and looking at them now, I cannot believe how grown up he looks. Definitely not a baby anymore, and still looks like a mini-Mark, but! I can see some Rowlett genes in those eyes of his, not to mention his chin. I never thought I would be so excited to pass on something as miniscule as a chin! Chinny chin chin! He is a handsome little devil and I love him to bits and pieces.

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