Jun 18, 2013

Babies growing up.

I can hardly remember his tiny little body, snuggled up on my shoulder, cuddled in my arms. But the one thing that takes me back to these first few days and weeks, where everything was so new is his hands. When he was born, he had such a strong grip on my finger that made me feel like nothing else mattered but that little boy. And today, when we walk down the street together and he reaches up to grab my finger, he holds on tight, and I'm reminded again of the sweet precious baby, and how it is as true as it was on day 1 - nothing else matters as much as this little boy. I love being his mother and watching him grow and learn. This week he started really running around, pushing trucks back and forth, throwing a baseball like he means it, and wanting to jump off of every curb and step he sees. It's lovely to see him come out of his shell and be such a darling boy. But that hand, every time he grabs mine, it just reminds me how little he is, and how precious each of these minutes are that we spend together. They pass by too quickly.


hanner said...

"bye bye, hannah." still dying over that!

Patience said...

I want to see you tooo!!! Our babies are getting too big without each other :). We were actually at the game on Saturday... we should have done a lupper. Let's make a date soon though.

Lisa Maria said...