Jun 27, 2013

Milestones: Henry's first haircut

Well the big news around here is that we gave Henry his first haircut. We dressed him up for church on Sunday and he looked so cute, but when I was watching him toddle around the aisles of the chapel, I realized - my baby has a serious mullet. I woke up Monday, resolved to fix the problem, i.e. cut off his blessed sweet curls!! Don't worry I saved some curls, it's one of those gross mom things I never thought I'd do, but alas. He was a superstar during the haircut. I just sat him on my lap while we watched Cars and Mark buzzed and snipped away.

Doesn't he look dashing!? Bonus - this haircut really makes it easier to tell that yes, he is a boy, strangers in the grocery store and in the park.

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