Jun 10, 2013

busy weekend.

We had a busy weekend, punctuated with business trips. Yes, business trips. Saturday we went to the beach for the morning, Henry was scared to walk in the sand at first, but then embraced it and even started throwing rocks into the water after about 45 minutes. We left to drive 90 minutes to Manassas to see Pop Pop perform in a choir near the train station. Henry napped and Mark and I listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, the ideal way to spend your 11:00 hour. Played on trains, danced to choir songs, then loaded up the car and drove straight to Georgetown to shop. Shopping these days means one of us tries on clothes while the other one chases Henry around the store in between "what-do-you-think-of-this" feedback between Mark and I. After shopping, we got a couple mini pies from Pie Sisters and walked down to eat them while watching boats on the Georgetown waterfront. We went home and fell into an exhausted puddle of sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 5:30am to catch my flight to Asheville, NC. I stepped out of the airport into a taxi, to my meeting, back into a taxi, and back on a plane by 8pm, and back home tucked in safe and sound at 12:30pm. Mark left last night for his second Asian whirlwind tour in a month, and Henry stayed with the grandparents. I came home last night to an empty house and it was the most eerie feeling ever. Henry is hardly 2 1/2 feet tall, but that little guy sure fills up a room, you know what I mean? I'm picking him up in a few hours and I'll be glad to get him back in my arms. He is the best thing these days and I can hardly stand to be away from him for the workday, let alone 2 days!

One look at our May and June calendar makes us look a little travel obsessed, but I'll be laughing last when I finally get STATUS this year on United. Call me shallow, but I want that gold star of achievement and moreover, lounge access people. A trip to NYC and Pennsylvania still loom in June, and once July comes I just have one work trip, with a fun little girls weekend to follow in Sunny Arizona! Then maybe it will calm down a bit.

I always think life will slow down a little so we can just relax and regroup, but somehow it just keeps getting busier. I've been reading The Happiness Project this weekend and it's resonating with me in a good way, that there are options to live a more fulfilling life - it just takes commitment and practice. Easier said than done, but it's giving me hope at least.


Laura K said...

get up to that status by making a trip up north for a visit. Come on! I will even watch henry while you BOTH shop at the SAME TIME! At the MALL OF AMERICA. Im done you interested you call me we make deal

Jay and Heath said...

Can't wait to see you in Arizona!!! :) Miss you!!