Jun 24, 2013


This weekend we finally met Henry's little cousin, Iris! She loved Henry and Henry was...interested, but he's mostly interested in trucks and balls these days. I was checking her little chubby arms and legs to look for similarities between her and baby Henry...but all it did was make me want to squeeze her little legs and have another baby immediately. Oh, the baby fever is a real thing.

Henry started swimming lessons (his second year) at Eastern Market. Which means we get to spend all our Saturdays at Eastern market for the next month...which really means...crepes. I love the crepe man. My special is egg, bacon, spinach, tomato, and chive cheddar. 

Sunday, we celebrated fathers day a week later (Mark was in Tokyo), by leaving church early, taking a family nap, and eating dinner at Wildfire - the restaurant where Mark and I had our wedding luncheon. That place holds some great memories!

And onto Monday - the June heatwave is upon us. I head to Hershey, PA this week for a short meeting, then our family is home for a few weeks. Time to enjoy this summer that is just passing us by.

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