Oct 23, 2006

traveling through time

I love Tucson. And I love New Mexico. These are two things I never thought I would say. Well...I guess I'm not too suprised about New Mexico, because it's so lovely and enchanting, but never Tucson. I was recently in both of these places nearly 10 days ago and I miss them. I don't know how you can miss something you only experienced for less than a day, but my feelings for the southwest changed when I went to Tucson. My friend and I drove through Saguaro National Park in Tucson and it was unreal. The first time I saw a cactus in real life, I thought "how ugly" and "Get me back to the east coast where there is actual scenery". But apparently all that has changed.
Why the change? I don't understand why I am drawn to Tucson. But here are some hypotheses:
1. Whilst driving through the Saguaro National Forest, I rolled down the windows, pumped up the Calexico (which, come to find out, is actually the perfect soundtrack to the Southwest--if you haven't heard them, please remedy this), pulled on the shades, and coasted through the beautiful, winding roads dotted with cacti and trailers. If I were to move to Tucson, I would have to live in a trailer or some obscure house minus red roof and adobe plaster walls. And if anyone ever managed to slip in sea green and adobe pink ornamentation or indian garbage to decorate my walls, I would bring the hurt on. There's nothing I hate more about the southwest than southwest decor.
2. Anyway point number 2 is that after perfectly setting the scene, I had a semi-full bank account, a car, and one of my most favorite people in the world in the passengers seat, so Tucson was a breeze. It gave me good weather, beautiful scenery, and an amazing sunset.

Then, driving through New Mexico was probably one of the best days of my life, minus that one day when I beat my brother in Monopoly and of course the day I discovered us magazine has a blog. As one of the contenders of the best day of my life, here is what is held for me:

1. Jagged enchanting mountain ranges
2. Alien crash sites

3. government conspiracies
4. Free hotcakes and apple cider
5. Free entrance to museums
6. Bright sun and blue sky

Apparently, that's all I need to make me happy.

Don't even get me started on Texas. Within 10 seconds of crossing from NM to Texas, I realized we were lost and then 20 minutes later, Rocky Votolato blew out my speakers. Thats when I knew I should have listened to my gut that has always told me to stay far away from The Lonestar State.

Now that I am home in Virginia, I find myself missing that which I never had. Sure, the trees here are beautiful. Sure, the absence of mountains is a drastic change in my life. Sure, everyone here drives a BMW or Mercedes and I am kickin it in the 94 suby wagon. But somehow, I'm not currently fulfilled. Maybe once I get a job and stop relying on my grandma for entertainment, I will be a little more satisfied. I'm definately not sad or depressed or anything like that.
I'm just feeling...displaced.


Laura said...

haha. cactus.

Iggy Enigma said...

Rocky says he's sorry. Oh and the Southwest Decor people say your order's in, they want to know where to put your diamond-shaped wall-hangings and turquoise bathroom accessories

Iggy Enigma said...

What?! it's not 4:29 AM. it's 8:29 AM. sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Julie is trying to grab that alien's boobies.

Joe said...

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