Feb 16, 2007

Happy whateverday

I am so grateful to the leaders of this country, without whom we would not be afforded the luxury of having a holiday on Monday. Yes, I totally support my government. My support increases exponentially as the amount of federal holidays grow in number. I think more people would be happier if we were given 2 holidays a month in which to take work off and go on vacations.

Because this extended weekend is so presidential, I will be hanging around DC scoping out museums and eating at restaurants that serve sandwiches like The Republican and The Democrat. (Clearly The Republican sandwich has roast beef, tomatoes, and lettuce, while The Democrat is filled with fat, accusation, and a healthy spread of ridicule.)

I also might be taking a trip to the beach this weekend. The beach in the winter is gray, cloudy, windy and basically a vast landscape of deserted sand pails and umbrellas. Something about how depressing it seems really draws me to it. I should probably bring some Sylvia Plath or Poe. And be sure to leave all cares and worries at the Bay Bridge(if I can conquer my fear of bridges long enough to traverse the Chesapeake. Ahhh!)