Aug 11, 2006

Girls night, finally.

Have I told you how the ratio of boy:girl in Alaska is seriously like 8:1? Well, in Fairbanks and especially on a military base with a full stock of firefighters, the ratio is more like 30:1.

I'm not kidding even a little bit. If anything, I'm underestimating.

So nary is there a chance that there is a gathering of just girls, especially cause there are only about 4 other girls my age and they are constantly on detail or out in the field. The chance is slim, but not immpossible! We had the first and last girls night of Summer 2006 last night! I forgot how nice and sweet girls can be. I also forgot how catty and bitchy they can be to each other, even when joking. And I really like that about girls. And also how when you put any group of girls together, the conversation will always find itself in giggly hysterics talking about boys.

We went to Jen's new cabin to say goodbye to Nicole, celebrate the securing of the cabin for Jen, and to enjoy merriment and gossipy fun. For any of you who ever saw that Mormonad "Gossip: Don't spread it around" with all the black goo on everyones hands, I have to say that I always thought that looked like fun. And that is probably why I enjoy US Weekly so very much.

We took off from the barracks on a sunny day

And headed to the store to stock up on essentials. Natasha got some cherry tomatoes

And Jodi bought snap peas. And two pints of Peach Sorbet. One for her and one for Jen. What a sweeter! She was really excited about the Sorbet.

We arrived at Jens cabin in high fashion, but her cabin was cuter than we were. Serious style, cabin. I'm jealous.

So we all got inside and feasted on chips, yummy avocado (it's hard to get good avocados in Alaska!), tomatoes, and went to work grilling fresh Salmon and I think Moose meat? Or maybe buffalo. Anyway here is the slab of flesh. It's so bloody. Jen is so proud of her kill.

Yay, I love my girls! Miss you all!