Jun 4, 2007

I liked that last post so much and I like Mike so much that I will dedicate this space to him. Mwhalen50, you are my one and only.

**Editors Note - This post is to be read while listening to the Allman Brothers Bands' Ramblin' Man. It makes it that much more authentic.**

My first big excursion with Mike. On this trip he won the Hairiest Legs competition in Delta Junction and I saw his hindquarters when we sorta skinnydipped in a glacier runoff lake. Soo Hawt.
Inside the holy house of The Blue Marlin. Jim and Mike protected me from the barflys by draping themselves all over me. See the mason jar? What did I tell you.
Hippie in the morning. My favorite thing about Mike is that he professes not to be a hippie, but he bleeds burlap, my goodness. I remember half his head having dreds and the other side just dangled across his face, usually with food particles stuck in the strands. Beautiful.
Only Mike could take a picture like this and make it look completely not contrived. I could imagine hiding in the grass on some mountain top and observing Mike running like that without pretense, oblivious to his surroundings. Once we walked on slackrope behind our dwellings and he kept at it, even when his manhood was endangered. I've never known him to be uncomfortable in any setting, except for maybe a mormon barbq where he couldn't get a hug from a lady who was scared of him. Heh heh.

Mike I love you and I miss you and I sometimes get the pangs of withdrawl and longing for the times of innocence and laughs we had in Alaska. Remember when you got in trouble by David Lee for keeping your bathroom in such a state of filth that nobody would share it with you? And the time we salsa danced at The Dog and you spun us around so fast that we both fell on the ground? Or the time we shared a tent while the two others canoodled a mere 15 feet away from us? But you found the softest mossiest spot for us to lay on because you are kind and a gracious host, even when what you are hosting is a tent in the middle of a campground where you would later melt your frisbee to your car and we would see a duct tape display of private parts. I'm moving to DC and accepting roommates. And for you, I extend a free standing invitation to sleep in my apartment for as long as you would like, with the understanding that you will once again bring excitement and oddity and drunken antics into my life. Muchos Besos.