Aug 20, 2008

back in the 703

I arrived back in Virginia late Monday evening. Since my return I have been heavily involved in the following two things: TH time and Jenny/Lizzy time.

It's been 4 days since school went on break and I feel like time has stopped. It's weird waking up with the feeling of "I can do whatever I want today and forGET you, school!" Seriously. I feel so unproductive and it's starting to get to me. I don't know how people don't work/school/family every day. Even vacation usually gets tiresome - after a few days of doing nothing, I get a little stir-crazy. (This is not a call for no more vacations, friends.)

So after getting into Virginia, TH met me on the train platform - very romantic way to see your Other for the first time in forever (read: 9 days). We went to DC to catch the Screen on the Green only to realize it was not going on any longer. That realization came after exiting from the L'Enfant metro stop and getting lost in a graveyard of bureaucratic building (really, we couldn't find our way out for about a half hour), so we just chalked it up to a "lovely night to walk around the city" until we both started becoming crazed with hunger and there were no restaurants in sight. Back to VA to eat. Food.

Tuesday I spent the day with Jenny and Lizzy! I picked her up and we stashed all the baby stuff into TH's car and went to the mall. El mallo. We got lizzy some cutie girl clothes and helped her become comfortable with running around in the play-area. She was really scared at first, but then just threw caution to the wind and PLAYED.

After a little while, Gramma Debdeb met up with us, and then TH later on. It was so fun to be with my family and TH! I don't see these people nearly as much as I would like to. We tried to help TH pick out an expen$ive $uit, but to no avail. Boys clothes shopping is difficult. It is an arena I am completely unfamiliar with.

The best part of the day was going out to the cars to switch all the baby stuff out of TH's car into Gramma's car. TH had not seen the taking over of the baby stuff that had happened to his precious car. Car seat, fruit loops on the floor, strollers, and a baby crib. He was like - oh...this has never happened in my car before. I think he was mildly nervous with all the baby stuff just blatantly taking over his car. Naturally.

Today's agenda? Well considering how it is 1:30 and I am still in bed, this day might not be full of much more then laying around, maybe I'll go out for a walk or something (yes, I am slowly turning into an old geriatric woman.)

So yes, I am here atleast until next weekend. Let's hang out, Virginia friends!!!

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